Death at the Grand Canyon?

Enjoying this beautiful day!
Standing on top of the world!
God's creation, so beautiful
Look how tiny those people are...amazing
My crew, enjoying the scenery with me

I visited the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas, Nevada through GC Tours. It’s a bus tour that picks you up from your hotel, takes you to the Hoover Dam, Route 66, and allows for three hours at the Grand Canyon. I chose the South Rim tour and only paid $75 which included breakfast and lunch! Much recommended for an affordable trip to see the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas.

It was a beautiful Sunday, my friends and I were enjoying the amazing views and loving the experience of being at the Grand Canyon. I visited two years ago with my family, but it was the first time for my friends. Though I’ve seen it before, it still blew me away…

Then another view blew me away…one of two men, which I thought were on a death wish jumping to the very end of a rock that was several feet away from solid ground! What in the world were they thinking?! Myself and several other witnesses were in shock as we saw the first guy go over and his friend following behind him! Some people had to leave, they didn’t want to watch someone die in front of their faces! The guys didn’t have on any protective harnesses or even work out clothes and shoes! Of course they took their “fun photos” for their friend who was far enough away to be safe, then made their attempt back on solid ground. Myself and others definitely said some prayers for them and cried out “No, don’t do it!” several times in agony as we saw them struggle back to solid ground. The second guy had a tough time getting over and was even hanging for dear life!

Check out the YouTube video here  or see Part 1 below


Check out the YouTube video here or see Part 2 below

Thank goodness they were both able to get back on solid ground and we all breathed a sigh of relief. I was still a bit shaky afterwards and when I saw the first guy coming my way I expressed to him how insane I thought that was. He said he saw two women go to the edge of the main cliff to look over the edge to attempt to do it, but changed their minds. He figured, if they thought about doing it, then he knew he could do it. SMH, macho men. I believe he said he and his friend were in the Marines so they are used to stuff like this. I said, “You guys were on a death wish.”

Just another day in the life of Enchantment Travels. Stay tuned for more posts to come!


8 responses to “Death at the Grand Canyon?”

  1. Pamela Waters says:

    Very beautiful pictures! I have to visit the Grand Canyon one day 🙂

  2. Wow feels like I was there. Thank you!

  3. J says:

    Oh my gosh! I would have probably left, too. I cannot believe those men wanted to flirt with death like that (this is coming from someone who can barely survive those elevators with glass windows, lol!). Any who, beautiful photography. My family and I were thinking about adding this to our list of must see places. Thanks for your perspective!

  4. Wow, those cats had to be drunk!

    Glad you had a good visit!

  5. LaToya Lowery says:

    Beautiful pictures!!! Looks like a GRAND experience!! Thank you for sharing such awesomeness!!

  6. Tareka Pearson says:

    My friend would have been alone on this foolery. I want to live!!!!!

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